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Ariel G. Notcovich


Frax Bio - Consulting

Ariel G. Notcovich

Ariel G. Notcovich, Life Science Executive, Product development

Executive leader with more than 20 years in the biotech and life science tools industry.

Currently active as a fractional executive and advisor in several early-stage life sciences research, diagnostics, and platform tools companies. Helping companies on their journey to find product-market fit for new technologies, establishing product development infrastructure, and reassuring product concepts are aligned with product and/or market risks.

Throughout his career, progressed by leading product development organizations in startups and big corporations, at increasing responsibility roles and leadership positions. Most recently as the CTO of Biolog Inc, a microbiology tools company. Previously as the CEO of BlueLigth Therapeutics a drug discovery platform company and COO/VP of Product Development at Biodesy Inc.

Started his career as an executive in the US as a Director and Head of R&D, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Protein technologies group after the acquisition of his first startup, ProteOptics Ltd, that he founded after his Ph.D. in Physics at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 2000.

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