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Brian Sparkes

Head of Communication

Bay Angels

Brian Sparkes

Brian Sparkes is an Executive Communication and Leadership Development Coach; and Head of Communications for Bay Angels, a startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley. As a top communication and leadership coach, Brian has worked with corporate leaders, startups, accelerators (such as Plug and Play), HR departments, and clients from all over the world who are preparing for high stakes conversations by helping them develop their message portfolio, and message delivery skills. He is an experienced business consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is passionate about building community and connecting startups with resources, funding, education, and the social capital necessary to launch, scale, and sustain their business. Brian is certified in leadership assessment, and a certified ACC executive coach skilled in emotional intelligence, sales, and communication. You can catch him hosting the Presentation Gym with Heroic Voice Academy every Thursday on Linkedin Live, helping companies fine tune their pitch deck. He is also the host of the podcast Silicon Valley Impact, where he speaks to global leaders and startup who are making an impact in the world.

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