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Donald B. Hawthorne


GTM Hawthorne, Inc.

Donald B. Hawthorne

Don has 39 years of life sciences industry experience working in large companies, startups, high-growth organizations, and turnarounds, primarily in the pre-revenue to $100 million revenue company size. Since 1989, he has held 11 C-suite positions (CEO-6, COO-2, CFO-3), been a partner in growth equity fund, and served as advisor/coach to CEOs, Boards of Directors, and investors at both public and privately held companies. Don has worked in or with 48 companies across 16 different industry segments as either an operating executive or consultant, with most companies being funded by private equity, venture capital or angel investors. He is currently a go-to-market strategy consultant, uniquely combining a novel GTM® Road Map with operating executive experience. 86% consulting success rate. Stanford MBA.

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