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Isabelle Finger

Leadership Coach

The Soaring Phoenix

Isabelle Finger

Isabelle Finger is currently the founding Director at the INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation. Isabelle started her career with multiple intrapreneurship projects. She built new structures and operational excellence for companies like Dell, Bain & Company, and Tchibo, in several countries (Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, and France).

Since 2015, she has dedicated her career to education. Her personal mission is to help people to become better lifelong learners and use education to increase their freedom and choices in life. At Coursera and INSEAD, she has worked to increase access to education and improve learning experience quality. As a certified executive and career coach and a mentor, she is working at an individual level to empower people to strive in their career and life.

Isabelle has been living in Silicon Valley since 2013 with her husband and her two children. She has an MBA from INSEAD, a graduate degree in Political Sciences, as well as an ICF-ACC certification. She enjoys playing the piano and back-country hiking.

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