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Leon Eisen, Ph.D.

CEO and Chairman

Eisen Intelligent Solutions

Leon Eisen, Ph.D.

Leon Eisen, Ph.D., is an inventor, serial entrepreneur, CEO and Chairman of Oxitone Medical, and Senator at the World Business Angel Investment Forum, GVI Ventures and Network.VC venture partner, strategic adviser and speaker with 20+ years of strong technology, business, and leadership experience. Leon is an affiliated member of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), a Board Member of The Global Africa Leadership Council, a Member of the Forbes Business Counsel, a partner at GSD Venture Studios, and an official mentor at the Israeli Export Institute.

Dr. Eisen holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Weisman Institute of Science and studied business and entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School. He invented and successfully commercialized the world’s first FDA-cleared wrist pulse oximetry monitor. He has a long list of successfully delivered products, more than 30 patents worldwide, and more than ten scientific publications.

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