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Pan Pan, Ph.D.

Director of Business Development

Akeso Biopharma

Pan Pan, Ph.D.

Dr. Pan Pan has over 10 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Business Development & Licensing, Alliance Management, and Drug Development. He has been focused on collaborative development, strategic partnering and licensing transactions for innovative biological drugs in oncology and immunology. Dr. Pan has served as group lead of Business Development in Akeso Biopharam, KLUS Pharma, and several other small to mid-cap biotech companies, with a track record of executing partnerships valued at multi-billion dollars. Previously as Co-Founder and COO of NYP Biosciences, Dr. Pan led strategic planning and fundraising to secure the seed fund and win the award of Freedom from Cancer Startup Challenge, a contest sponsored by MedImmune. Dr. Pan is currently a committee member of the SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow, a platform to bridge startups, entrepreneurs, and local & cross-border investors.

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