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Po Chen

Founder and CEO

CancerFree Biotech

Po Chen

Po is a Web3 biotech entrepreneur, currently leading CancerFree Biotech, which focuses on creating cancer micro-organoids for personalized precision medicine, advanced cancer research, and drug development. Their proprietary platform, E.V.A. (Ex Vivo Avatar), uses advanced cancer cell culture, automation, and data analysis to create cancer avatars from liquid biopsy samples. The company's ultimate goal is to enable cancer patients to identify the best treatment for their specific case using their own live cancer avatar.

In 2021, Po showcased their leadership skills by securing a spot in the prestigious Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator program and winning the 18th National Startup Award in the startup enterprise category. In 2022, they solidified their reputation as a prominent figure in the biotech industry by earning second place in the medical technology category at the SelectUSA Tech Investment Summit in Maryland, USA. Po and their team were also awarded a substantial $1 million investment from Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper, which highlights their exceptional leadership and vision and provides resources for future growth and expansion of CancerFree Biotech.

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