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Rochelle Pleskow

Global Healthcare Transformation Leader

Self Employed

Rochelle Pleskow

Global Healthcare Transformation Leader brings more than 20 years of healthcare and technology experience to her current consulting practice. She is an Industry Thought Leader in clinical, financial and operational analytics, as Rochelle deeply understands the healthcare industry as well as the key capabilities and emerging technologies in the quest to continually innovate and lead in the marketplace, bringing profound changes and making a difference for consumers, physicians, hospitals, health plans, employer groups; all facets along the continuum.

Rochelle was most recently the Chief Healthcare Informatics Officer at Hewlett Packard bridging the clinical and business perspectives of medicine in creating an analytics platform. Prior to HP, Rochelle’s career encompassed working for Hospitals; both acute and ambulatory, Health Plans and IPAs. Some of the entities she gained valuable experience at were Tenet, Humana, Emory Clinic, Blue Shield of California, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Independent Health and Cirrus Health. Rochelle’s knowledge of the healthcare eco system and her expertise in healthcare data provides an innate ability to discern where problems exist in the clinical, operational or financial processes in healthcare. By determining what each entity’s problems may be, before they know it exists, exemplifies Rochelle’s expertise in performing Healthcare Analytics at the retrospective, real time, predictive and prescriptive realms. She has been responsible for creating clinical practice protocols and physician profiling report cards, negotiating national managed care contracts from all perspectives; both fee for service and shared risk methodologies, and presenting the holistic view of a patient incorporating data from Electronic Medical Records, Claims, Ancillary services, in order to create a longitudinal analysis.

Rochelle has created a startup in the Revenue Cycle and Clinical Informatics space, incorporating Patient
Scheduling, Eligibility Check, Transcription/Dictation, Billing, Coding & Claim Processing with 2 million edits determining payment, denial or pending status by health plans nationally. She has extensive expertise with operational and financial perspectives encompassing negotiation, implementation and analysis of national managed care contracts and supply chain GPO contracts from the payer, physician and hospital perspectives and has created Joint Venture projects encompassing Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Surgical Hospitals and Medical Office Buildings. Rochelle is well versed in the Hospital Based Physician arena encompassing Hospitalists, Emergency Room, Anesthesiologists, Pathologists, etc. by creating physician networks and managed care divisions on behalf of these entities.

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