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Wenwen Sha Smith, Ph.D

Director of Biology

FUSION BioVenture

Director of Biology

Wenwen Sha Smith, Ph.D., is a biopharma leader with extensive experience in drug discovery and development. She holds a Ph.D. in Immunology and Virology from the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai. Currently, she is a part-time Investment Fellow at H7 Bio Capital. Previously, at Fosun Pharma USA/FUSION BioVenture, she led R&D due diligence and identified innovative platforms for new company incubation. At Sanofi, she advanced a HER2/CD28xCD3 tri-specific T cell engager to Phase I trials. Dr. Smith's expertise spans strategic partnerships, scientific evaluation in a variety of therapeutics, including immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease, etc.

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