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Meet Our 2022 Cohort

Aug 10, 2022

Since the announcement of this program, we had received over 100 applications, making the selection process competitive and challenging. 11 companies came on board, and we officially kicked off the program late August with an orientation joined by our board members and founders. We are excited to support these startups throughout the 10-week program!

Our 2022 Cohort at A Glance

  • Sensifree: A continuous, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology to simplify physicians' work processes and to reduce workload.

  • Senseer Health Inc.: A cloud-based, data-driven, digital health platform to provide remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and enterprise-level business intelligence.

  • IPMD, Inc.: An emotional AI platform to assist doctors in understanding patients’ emotional states to maximize treatment outcomes.

  • PONStech: An AI-driven mobile ultrasound technology that consumers can use and provide medical imaging to the doctor remotely.

  • JelikaLite: An intelligent medical device designed to reduce a child's autism symptoms to better integrate them into society and improve the family's quality of life.

  • Crosshair Therapeutics: A novel AI drug discovery platform to create an entirely new class of therapeutics to treat cancer, aging, and other diseases.

  • Cardiotrack Global: A global medical device company that automates the health screening process and integrates data into users’ electronic health records to provide remote health solutions.

  • Adaract: A proprietary artificial muscle technology to remove past constraints and achieve stronger, faster, life-like motion in robotics.

  • Prayasta 3D Inventions Private Limited: An intellectual property driven startup developing silicone-based breast prostheses that are uniquely customized to every patient.

  • Alamea: A cancer therapy using the near-infrared monoamine oxidase inhibitor (NMI) targeting monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) to meet medical need.

  • SenseHealth: An intelligent adjustable chest-wearable patch that delivers multiple real-time health data to help doctors and people make critical decisions.

Stay tuned to see the progress and growth of their business ideas!

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