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H7 Accelerator
Life Science Track 

Life Science Track is a 12-week program designed for life science companies at the Pre-Seed to Series A stages. This program focuses on critical areas such as fundraising, clinical trial design, licensing out and partnership opportunities. Additionally, we assist companies in achieving acquisition and IPO goals, all while being immersed in the dynamic environment of Silicon Valley to reach their strategic business objectives.

Our Focus Areas include

Drug Delivery Platforms

Precision Medicine

ADCs or Biopecific

Traditional biologics

Synthetic Biology

3D Printing

RNA/oligo Therapies

Cell and gene therapies

...and more


Cutting-edge healthcare innovations


One-on-one mentorship from 100+ Global Healthcare Leaders

  • Receive one-on-one guidance from 100+ world-leading mentors.

  • Mentors include healthcare investors, pharmaceutical executives, physicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and regulatory experts.


12+ Tailored workshops led by Industry Experts

Pitching at Demo Day


  • Our in-person Demo Day occurs during JP Morgan week in San Francisco.

  • This pitching opportunity allows companies to present their groundbreaking solutions to potential investors, industry leaders, and key stakeholders in the life science sector.

  • We offer assistance with deck optimization and pitching practice before the event to ensure a strong, impactful impression.

  • Industry experts will lead 12+ tailored virtual workshops on life science entrepreneurship.

  • Workshops cover topics such as negotiating a term sheet, licensing out pipelines, creating the right board of directors, and clinical trial design.

  • Additional topics include manufacturing and contract development, the FDA approval process and strategy, pitching to venture capitalists, and deck optimization.

  • Other areas of focus are intellectual property strategy, healthcare reimbursement, developing revenue strategies, and much more.

License-out & Partnership Opportunities:



  • We specialize in helping life science portfolio companies navigate the licensing-out process and forge partnerships with pharmaceutical firms for pilot trials.

  • Leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we streamline the identification of potential partners, negotiate licensing agreements, and facilitate trial collaborations.

  • With our support, companies can efficiently leverage their pipelines and accelerate their growth through strategic alliances.

Optimizing Pre-clinical & Clinical development plans:

  • We offer tailored guidance and strategic insights to help our portfolios navigate pre-clinical research and clinical trials effectively.

  • Leveraging our network and expertise, we facilitate access to resources and regulatory expertise to optimize development timelines.

  • Our support enhances success probabilities for our portfolio companies.

Funding Opportunities:


  • Fundraising is paramount to the success of our portfolio companies, and we prioritize supporting them in this crucial aspect.

  • Our portfolios gain pitching opportunities during Demo Day, private investor meetings, and other events organized by H7 or our network partners.

  • We provide assistance with deck optimization and pitching practice to maximize their chances of securing funding.

  • Funding opportunities are offered by H7 ventures and our global funding partners to the most promising companies within each cohort.


Free Consultation Services by our Strategic Partners

​We offer complimentary consultation services through our strategic partners, with each session limited to a specific duration. These services encompass various crucial areas, including:

  • Legal Service Consulting: Expert guidance on IP protection, licensing deals, and corporate governance structure.

  • FDA Regulation Roadmap: Strategic advice for navigating regulatory requirements and compliance strategies.

  • Tax Benefit Consulting: Insights into tax optimization strategies and potential benefits for companies.

  • Employee Benefits Program Consulting: Tailored recommendations for designing comprehensive employee benefits programs.

  • Investment Banking Service: Access to expertise in investment banking and financial advisory services.


Talent Recruitment & Team Building (C-Suite):

  • We assist in recruiting executives for life science companies, including experienced business leaders with successful exit experience and CMC experts.

  • Leveraging our network and strategic partnerships, we streamline the recruitment process to ensure alignment with company objectives for innovation and growth.

Networks and Events:


  • We provide a robust network and diverse event opportunities for portfolio teams.

  • These events offer valuable opportunities for teams to connect with investors, corporate leaders, and seasoned entrepreneurs in the life science sector.

  • Specifically, during Demo Day and Private Investor Meetings, teams have dedicated sessions to engage with our fund partners.

  • This enables them to pitch their innovations, explore funding prospects, and forge meaningful relationships within the healthcare ecosystem.

H7 Accelerator Continued support:


  • H7 Accelerator supports alumni after graduation with ongoing access to networks and resources.

  • Alumni receive assistance in navigating challenges and scaling ventures effectively post-graduation.

find the right package - life science

Find the Right Package

Standard Package

$6490 $7490
applying before July 20th 2024

Weekly one-on-one mentorship from 100+ Global Healthcare Leaders

In-person Demo Day during JP Morgan Week in SF

Additional virtual Demo Day to life science investors

Pitching In other events by H7 or network partners

Deck Optimization and pitching practices

Free Consultation Services including Legal, FDA regulation, Tax, Employee benefits, banking and more...

Essential Package

$3490 $4490
applying before July 20th 2024

Up to 3 hours one-on-one mentorship from 100+ Global Healthcare Leaders

Virtual Demo Day to life science investors

Deck Optimization and pitching practices

12+ Tailored workshops led by Industry Experts

License-out & Partnership Opportunities

Talent Recruitment & Team Building

Access to our network of healthcare investors, pharmaceutical executives, legal experts, regulation experts, and more..

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