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Getting to Wow! A Glimpse into the Mind of VCs

Derek Wells

Nov 17, 2022

What do you think investors are looking for from entrepreneurs? Your market size? Not exactly. Your product prototype? Not always. Your fancy pitch? Not necessarily. Do you really know how to impress them?

We are excited to have Bill Reichert, Partner at Pegasus Tech Ventures and one of Silicon Valley's foremost venture capitalists, join as the honored speaker for the fireside chat on the M7 Demo Day.

With our Founder & CEO Ella Li serving as the moderator, Bill will be sharing “The Top Ten Secrets of Venture Capital That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know,” including insights on whatVCs are inspired by and white lies a founder should never tell, unfolding the tips for successful fundraising.

Join us on December 9th and have your questions prepared for Bill! Besides the fireside chat, our Demo Day will feature a keynote speech, two panels, and 11 amazing startup pitches from our 2022 cohort. We are gathering a lineup of top-tier VCs and the most promising healthcare startups from Silicon Valley and across the globe! More details will be announced soon.

Register Here:

About Bill Reichert:

  • Bill Reichert is a Partner at Pegasus Tech Ventures, a $2 billion global venture capital firm with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices around the world. Bill focuses on deep technology investments, including AI, quantum computing, next-generation chips, materials science, and medical technology. He is also the Chief Evangelist of Startup World Cup, the largest and richest venture capital competition on the planet, with over $1.5 million in cash prizes, including a $1 million grand prize.

  • Bill is co-author of the pitching guide, “Getting to Wow! Silicon Valley Pitch Secrets for Entrepreneurs.” He has been a venture capital investor for 20 years, originally as co-founder and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a seed and early-stage venture capital firm that has been acquired by Pegasus. He has taught at Stanford and Berkeley and has delivered keynotes and workshops around the world.

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