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H7 BioCapital Announcement

Daniel Williams

Mar 19, 2023

Breaking News! We are very excited to announce the launching of our new global venture platform, H7 BioCapital!

Founded in Silicon Valley, H7 BioCapital is a global venture platform that supports the transformational growth of healthcare companies through its high-impact accelerator program, venture capital financing, conferences, and other strategic events to connect investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and other industrial professionals to power the healthcare ecosystem.

💐H7 BioCapital consists of three parts of organizations: H7 Accelerator, H7 Venture, and H7 Café to support the transformational growth of healthcare by striving to be transformational itself

Our first H7 cohort will launch in early second half 2023, and 10-15 companies will be selected to attend this three-month accelerator program. Each portfolio company will be offered funding opportunities by our fund partners, one-on-one mentorship with investors and industrial leaders, workshop training, networking and events with our global partnerships. The program will be hybrid with an online presence and physical meet-ups and demo day events. More information will be released soon.

We are expanding, and you are invited to join our current network of over 80 professionals across industries and areas of expertise, including investors, CEOs, physicians, industrial executives, lawyers, etc. (

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