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2022 H7 Entrepreneur Workshop

May 22, 2023

2022 Entrepreneurship Workshop Recap

H7 will select the most promising healthcare startup companies to participate in an intensive 12-week accelerator program, working with a team of world-leading mentors from across knowledgeable investors, executive advisors, scientists, clinicians, corporate partners.

This 12-week program is aimed at pre-seed to series A stage healthcare companies looking to take their idea beyond concept to investor ready. The course includes:

  • How to negotiate on a term sheet

  • Tech transfer/licensing

  • Create the right board of directors

  • Manufacturing & contract development

  • FDA approval process and strategy

  • How to best pitch to VC and deck optimization

  • Intellectual property strategy

  • Healthcare reimbursement

  • How to develop revenue strategy

...And much more.

This is a competitive program. The deadline for this quarter is this Saturday, May 20th. Visit our website to learn more and apply.

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🔍FAQs of H7 Healthcare Accelerator Program

Who can apply to H7 Healthcare Acceleration Program?

H7 Healthcare Accelerator accepts applicants with breakthrough healthcare ideas & technologies:

  • Early-stage startups (Pre-Seed – Series A)

  • Industry: life science, biotech, digital medicine (MedTech), medical device, healthcare service

  • A team with original core technology

  • Clear direction of industry application

How are applicants selected?

Applicants are selected based on team dynamics, experience, and technology & product characteristics.

Other factors include the business model, market strategy, potential market size, and total financial considerations. Applicants are evaluated through three screening rounds.

Can startups participate without moving to the Bay Area?

The program will be hybrid with an online presence, physical meet-ups and demo day events. we welcome applications from all over the world.

However, we highly recommend you to participate in the program on-site, especially the demo day event. If you cannot move to the Bay Area for the program, workshops and mentor guidance are available online, but you may miss other benefits.

What can you expect from H7 Healthcare Accelerator Program?

During the three-month program, startups will receive several key entrepreneurial resources including:

  • Mentorship: One-on-one guidance from world-leading physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals and executives at least once a week.

  • Workshop Trainings: Industry experts will lead 12 tailored workshops focusing on healthcare entrepreneurship.

  • Clinician network: A large network of clinician advisors

  • Funding Support: Initial capital injection opportunities provided by our global funding partners to the most promising companies of each cohort.

  • Networks and Events: Networking events will be hosted regularly during each cohort. Teams can meet with our fund partners during Demo Day and Private Investor Meeting.

  • International Growth: Join an international, mentor-filled ecosystem on Healthcare & Biotech Innovation. Alumni will gain direct access to our international partnerships in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

  • Service: Access to Professional service teams including investment bankers, attorneys, auditors and CPAs etc.

  • Continued support: from H7 to provide funding, commercialization, networking and other service after graduation

Once you're selected for H7 accelerator cohort, you'll be part of the H7 community for life. Expand your business and expand your network with access to a talented group of founders, investors, advisors, and industry leaders.

How much funding is offered?

Each selected team receives mentorship, workshops, co-working space, and becomes a part of the huge network of H7 mentors, investors, healthcare entrepreneurs, global corporate partners.

  • Initial capital injection opportunities are provided by our venture funding partners to the most promising companies of each cohort after the demo day.

  • You will also gain the opportunity to get direct access to our business partners from healthcare corporates and financial investors.

Is there any kind of tuition cost for participating in H7 Healthcare Acceleration Program?

We don’t ask any cash, instead, we will charge up to 2% of equity capped at $100K in the format of warrant.

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