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H7 X Plug and Play Innovation Summit

Oct 24, 2023

🎉 H7 Healthcare Innovation Summit on Plug and Play Tech Center has ended successfully! This event was co-hosted by H7 BioCapital and Plug and Play as part of “Chinese Tech Network”. And we were honored to have Mr. Rahim Amidi, the founder of Plug and Play, in attendance to show his support!

👏👏 Notably, four companies that presented during the pitching session were H7 BioCapital's portfolios. These included Cellicure, Inc., QuanMol Tech, and Novall (members of the #H7 Accelerator 2023 cohort), as well as Vista Robotics (part of the #H7 Venture portfolio). Many of the investors present expressed keen interest in our pitching projects.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to our distinguished panel of speakers, which included Dr. Hongmei Huang, Vice President of Roche Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Jian(Jay) Lin Lin, Head of Innovation Medicine at Johnson & Johnson; Dr. Hongtao (Ted) Hou Hou, Founding Partner of Berkeley Catalyst Fund; Dr. Alexis Ji, Founding Partner of Primer Ventures and former Partner at Illumina Ventures; and Dr. Ella Li, Founding Partner of H7 BioCapital.

👇 Here are more details about the companies that pitched:

-Cellicure, Inc. | H7 Accelerator: Providing innovative cell-based immunotherapy technologies to address unmet therapeutic needs (Pre-A round).

- QuanMol Tech | H7 Accelerator: Offering a computational molecular modeling platform for accurate and predictive simulations (Seed+ round).

- Novall | H7 Accelerator: Pioneering tankless NO generator medical devices for efficient and on-demand nitric oxide delivery (seed round).

- Vista Robotics | H7 Venture: Advancing Digital Health in Spine Surgeries with the world's first active robotic assistance surgical platform for spinal fusion (pre-A round).

- Laminar Dynamics: Dedicated to democratizing access to vascular health monitoring.

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