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Cardiotrack Global

Founded Year:



Medical Device





Cardiotrack is a MedTech SaaS company focusing on disruptive models to access, identify and treat cardiovascular patients in non-traditional settings, identifying potential candidates and enrolling them into a personalized RPM program.

What Founders say:

Eduardo Serna-Barragan
Eduardo Serna-Barragan
CEO & Co-Founder

“We are excited to be part of this great M7 initiative! Chronic disease is not exclusive to first-world countries, 40% of the population worldwide suffers from some sort of condition. We are thrilled to learn the best remote patient monitoring practices to enhance our programs for Latin American and developing countries. Our aim is to support blue-collar workers and minority communities in med tech solutions that will solve and control their diseases. We are Cardiotrack, and we are growing our med tech remote patient solution in Mexico aiming to grow our great traction solution to other counties in Latam and developing countries where it's more needed.”

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