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Prayasta 3D Inventions

Founded Year:



Medical Device





Prayasta has developed the world's first 3D printing technology for "implant grade" silicone. This technology allows for the manufacture of personalized soft tissue implants at the point of care. The main applications of Prayasta's technology are breast, chin, cheek, nasal, ear, trachea, esophagus, and other soft tissue implants. Prayasta's 3D printers are available in two different series, the POC for point-of-care and the PRO for total production.

Prayasta has completed in vitro biocompatibility studies of 3D printed implants and will soon begin animal testing of 3D printed silicone implants, winning this year's Indian National Technology Entrepreneurship Award.

What Founders say:

Vikas Garg
Vikas Garg

“We are very excited to join the M7 Healthcare Acceleration program. We have developed the world’s first 3D printer, Silimac P250, for implant-grade silicone to manufacture soft tissue implants like breast, malar, nasal, chin, tracheal stents, etc. that are completely personalized for patients in terms of shape, size, weight, touch, and feel with our patented technology. We are looking for strategic investors and clinical advisors who are excited about 3D printing. We expect to meet other healthcare start-ups, and mentors who can help us bring our technology to the US.”

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